Film Commission Bern

The Canton of Bern is a uniquely stunning location for film productions. Bern für den Film and Made in Bern Ltd dedicate themselves to attracting and facilitating more film productions in the Bern Region.

With its idyllic natural landscapes, the Alps, and its history-steeped towns and cities, the Canton of Bern boasts a huge diversity of backdrops for movie locations. Film productions also benefit from a reliable infrastructure, a dense and punctual public transport network and legal certainty. In the past, productions such as Star Wars, Phantom Thread and the series Band of Brothers already capitalised on the spectacular backdrops of the Bern Region. Made in Bern Ltd., Bern für den Film and other stakeholders from business, the film industry and tourism are committed to enabling the production of even more films and series in the Canton of Bern.

Are you planning a film production and are you interested in Bern as a location?

We are more than happy to provide you with further details and put you in touch with a professional network of Bern filmmakers. There are no automated financel incentives in place. On a case base, a cash back solution can be approved after evaluating your project.   

Anna Rossing / Bern für den Film
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Wintry Old Town with the cathedral, Bern. Copyright by: Switzerland Tourism. By-Line: Geerk